6 Ways to Earn Money While Travelling

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India is an exotic destination that lures travellers from all over the world with its majestic beauty. There is so much to explore in this diverse landscape from the snow-capped mountains of Mt.Everst to the lush forests of Kerala. You get to explore different terrains and experience different climates as you traverse from one destination to another. Although India is considered affordable nations in the world, travelling can prove to be expensive if you intend to relish good food and stay in decent accommodations. Wonder how to cover the travelling expenses? What if you could make money at the same time while travelling?

Earning money while on the road can be a great idea for digital nomads looking to take a temporary break from reality. With access to the internet available almost everywhere, it has become a lot easier to make money while exploring the Indian subcontinent. Depending on your skills and the amount of time you are willing to dedicate, you can easily fund your travel expenses or save some money no matter where you are. Here are some ideas for you to make money while travelling.

2. Photography

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Travelling to inspiring and interesting locales also implies capturing the culture and the associated beauty in the form of photographs. Although these are for reminiscing memories that can be cherished all through life, some of them can be sold for making a profit. You can capture high-quality photographs during your trip if you own a DSLR camera and sell it on stock photography platforms such as Shutter Stock, Unsplash and Etsy.

3. Blogging
If you are passionate about any subject or have an expertise in any field, then you can share your knowledge with the world through blogging. You can teach a foreign language or post about DIY projects on your blog page. If you are passionate about travelling, then you can share tips and ideas with your followers. You can make money through affiliate marketing or advertising. The best thing about blogging is that you are not time-bound. You can post whenever you are free during your trips.

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Blogging is one of the most practical ways of making passive income. There are numerous popular blogs on the web that you can check for some inspiration. Do not expect your blog to be an overnight success. You need to have patience and build an audience before monetizing it. Do not forget to market your blog and implement the latest SEO techniques. Posting quality content periodically and interacting with your followers can help you generate some passive income.

4. Casino Games

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The online casino industry has grown massively. There are numerous platforms and also apps where you can indulge in games such as poker, teen Patti, Andar Bahar, slots, etc. to make some real money. You can play these games easily from your smartphone while on the road to make some decent money. Slots are one of the easiest casino games that you can indulge in without any experience. You can try your luck at the most popular online slots platforms: LeoVegas or Lotto247. These platforms are highly recommended for beginners because of the free mode and simple controls. You can practice the games for free without risking your money. Once you are ready, you can play virtual games for real cash.

5. YouTube

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If you are an avid traveller and love meeting new people and indulging in new cuisines, then you can consider setting up your travel channel on the popular platform YouTube. Millions of people in India and also in different parts of the world are making a decent passive income by uploading their videos on YouTube. You do not have to make any huge investment to start your channel. You can make videos through your smartphone and edit them before posting them on your channel. If you can invest in an external mic for audio then it would be great as most of the inbuilt mic on smartphones do not promise professional quality. Once your channel gains traction, you can start monetizing your channel through affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and through ads. You don’t need a million followers for making money through YouTube. You just need to be creative and plan your content well.

6. Domain Reselling

It doesn’t cost much to register a new domain name. You just need to invest 6$–7$ (500 to 700 INR)h per year or make a monthly payment of around 50 INR. If you can find buyers who badly want to purchase your domain name, then you can quote a higher price than what you paid. For instance, consider that the domain name www.idrone.com has been registered by you. You can wait for a couple of years and wait for a buyer. If Apple decides to purchase it from you, then you can sell it to them by quoting a high price. Domain Reselling is not a quick way of making money. It requires a lot of patience and time. You need to look into the potential of the domain name that you are investing in.

There are numerous ways in which you can derive a passive income while travelling. You just need to identify the options and give them a try. There are thousands of people who are exploring the world from their passive income sources. You can too be one of them if travelling is all you want to do for the rest of your life.

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